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Oyster Dinner Party
Wisteria in Notting Hill
The Fumoir Claridges
Street Style
Fluff is the new black
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Artboard 1_edited
Untitled_Artwork 12
Untitled_Artwork 21_edited_edited
Draft 1 Calliope Happiness view 2_edited
Prada Flowers
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Fleur Shop Felicity Hamilton
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Artboard 2_edited
Purple Scarf
Fendi Roma
Glossier Portraits-1
Glossier Boy Brow Packaging
Magnolia Animation branch
Time to do Nothing
Khaite New York
Delicate Rebellion
Delicate Rebellion
Christmas Lights at Sloane Square
Green with Envy
Boris Biker Girl
Fed Up Portrait
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Collaboration is at the heart of my practice. I work with brands to elevate and spotlight their magic through my unique artistic voice. The point of connection between my illustrative world and a brand's core identity manifests truly irresistible work.

If you'd like to start the conversation about collaborating, get in touch!

Moments of peace and calm in London are like tiny pieces of chocolate melting in your mouth. You can savour it for a few moments before continuing your day. I adore London for all the reasons you’re used to hearing - there’s always a new cocktail bar opening, a birthday party to go to, a constant hum of the city and lit up buildings to gaze upwards that fill you with energy.


As someone from the countryside, the scale and glamour of the city is never something that I forget as I walk through the quieter streets towards the Thames on Sundays. The magnolia blossom fills the air in Notting Hill and the palm trees shade the pavements - making you feel like you're on distant shores.  I savour these little neighbourhoods as my pockets of sanctuary.


I love watching people - collecting parcels, or sitting on a bench with a latte, or stumbling across a friendly cat who purrs as he pushes his face into your leg. It’s here I feel most myself and relaxed. The idea you can whisk yourself away from the background noise for a second, whilst still being in the arms of London is magical. This is the soul of my work.

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This year, I founded 'Fe & Co', a boutique creative studio with an artful approach to design. Our work celebrates fine art craftsmanship and elegant contemporary design. We have a range of services and collaborate with other artists and designers to create something extra special. 

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