A Note on Optimism

Optimism is the ace up your sleeve on a gloomy day. It sticks by your side like a good luck charm or coat of armour made of sunny, rose-tinted wonderful matter. Its the silver-lining-finder in the midst whatever crap is going on.

Its there when you dial your favourite Italian restaurant to book a table in one hours time, on a Saturday night. Its setting out without awkwardly carrying a coat when a dark cloud looks about to burst. It's in the colour yellow. Glorious, golden yellow. When running to the post office with five minutes til close it’s tucked somewhere in-between the birthday cards. When watching through the oven door to see if your Yorkshire Puddings will rise, or chicken will crisp, or cake will be golden, it’s definitely there. Blurting out an answer to a question on a stupidly hard quiz and believing it’s right. Asking for a size in a shoe sale and expectedly waiting for the shop assistant to come out clutching a shoe box - that’s pure optimism. Knowing in your heart that your buggy 4 year old laptop has another 2 years left in it at the least. Its reaching for the only ripe avocado, it’s the moment before you get that job, its the toaster popping up just as you stirred the milk into your tea or biting into a solid chocolate kit-kat.

But it’s really quirk is that it doesn’t matter if things are going your way or not. Miraculously it works either way. Your Yorkshire puddings can be flat as a pancake, you can get caught in the rain, your laptop can wheeze goodbye when watching the last episode of a gripping Netflix show. You can have that embarrassing moment when you give completely the wrong answer with total assurance in front of everyone. Because no matter what is happening now, optimism says something better is coming. And that’s it’s magic, tucked away up your sleeve ready to be played.